Psalm 18:1-24


I wanted to share some parts of the discussion we have during Bible study.  We’re studying the Psalms.

David is rescued in the midst of the dangers that surround him.  Everyone had a clear sense that David was writing about this rescue in the midst of it.  Not a looking back over a long time.

The appearance of God is powerful and striking.  It takes awhile to put together the images of verse 2 with the images of God in verses 7-15.  All of these natural images could mean indiscriminate death for anyone but in this case the supernatural force which uses these natural powers as a cloak, a ride, a herald of His arrival comes to save David. v 16 “God pulled him out of his trouble…

and puts him in a wide open space.” v.19  We really liked this picture.  First because God took him out of a tight spot.  The CEV says “fenced in.”  And now David is in the spacious place without impending death and enemies surrounding him.  One person compared this to a Native American location called Acoma which was a settlement that was made on a hill.  A location where you could see everywhere around you, a safe place, a refuge.

Verse 19-24 reminded us have only God could help here.  God had chosen David to be king and Saul wanted him dead for it.  David was innocent because this was not his choice but God.  David wasn’t perfect and sinless but instead constantly dependent on God’s guidance (v21-23) and without God, David would die at the hands of his enemies.

We all reflected on the fact that we get to see God’s rescue first in Jesus Christ but also in other places of our lives.  Sometimes the rescue itself is painful and has traumatic hurts that were a part of it.  The Holy Spirit gives us eyes to see that rescue as we look back.  Give us eyes to see Your work even more!

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