July 29th

Psalm 119 is about the law. And from the enthusiasm of the writer I can safely say that I don’t share the same kind of feelings. I think maybe I have a good reason to have that kind of a enthusiasm. At least 66 percent of a reason since Martin Luther talked about three uses of the law. Two of them give us a reason to rejoice or as the psalmist says "your commandments, which I love." We wouldn’t rejoice because of the mirror the law which shows us our sin. We can rejoice with the psalmist because the law also guides our lives and should be used as a curb in our society.

1 Samuel 14
I think it’s interesting that God is fulfilling the prophecy that he made through Samuel. That when they have a king there would be warfare. And I think it is important to note that God had expectations for the nations that Israel came into contact with during the Exodus. Namely that the Amalekites should have chosen to understand what Israel was doing in their land and chosen to help them instead of fight them. Now at least 300 years later there would be a horrible result to their actions. This is where scholars get a lot of heartburn when God commands destruction. It is painful to read that all living things are to be devoted to destruction. I don’t think we can understand exactly how God would make this work for good. But we also have to keep in mind that the cultures of these days did convey their history from one generation to another and that it is at least possible that they had continued to share this event of meeting the wandering nation.

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