June 5, Boniface of Mainz

Boniface engages in aggressive evangelism

Boniface engages in aggressive evangelism

Boniface was born in the late seventh century in England. Though he was educated, became a monk, and was ordained as a presbyter in England, he was inspired by the example of others to become a missionary. Upon receiving a papal commission in 719 to work in Germany, Boniface devoted himself to planting, organizing, and reforming churches and monasteries in Hesse, Thuringia, and Bavaria. After becoming an archbishop, Boniface was assigned to the See of Mainz in 743. Ten years later he resigned his position to engage in mission work in the Netherlands. On June 5, 754, while awaiting a group of converts for confirmation, Boniface and his companions were murdered by a band of pagans. Boniface is known as the apostle and missionary to the Germans.


Source: http://www.LCMS.org Commemorations Biographies

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  1. […] June 5, Boniface of Mainz […]

  2. […] June 5, Boniface of Mainz […]

  3. “As the cool illustration shows, one of the things that Saint Boniface was known for was destroying pagan shrines and building Christian Churches on top of them to show the power of the true God. Here he is depicted chopping down a holy tree dedicated to the pagan God Thor. In other words, Saint Boniface was definitely not politically correct in respecting the beliefs of the pagans! In our politically correct, morally relativistic culture, where we are required to believe that the beliefs of all people are equally valid, no doubt Saint Boniface would get martyred again.” From Love in the Ruins blog

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