Does the mechanical become the habitual?

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I’ve always wondered about how we learn new things. Sometimes the teaching seems so wooden and rigid that it feels unreasonable to expect any long lasting effect from that teaching. I suppose though that is very much what learning looks like, ugly, awkward and in some ways funny. If a person walked like a newborn baby taking their first steps they’d probably be accused of intoxication. But, most likely, it was encouraged, modeled, and practiced and practiced and practiced.

Well before I ramble too much I’m wondering, outloud, to you, do you have to do something unnaturally, awkwardly, coached step by step (a lot) before anything become habitual or natural?

The mountain that presents itself before me, because I feel the right answer is yes, is that everything about being a Christian is the opposite of our natural, sinful tendencies. Everything, from thinking of others first, serving, and speaking about spiritual topics (and the sundry other habits, actions and callings of being a Christian) build that mountain of difficult to learn, hardly ever a habit, actions of a Christian.

Now imagine everyone is suffering the same problem, not that everyone is at the same level and suddenly I personally feel I have a better picture of what a church is like. A bunch of tottering awkward babies in Christ learning at the feet of their master, Jesus. I suppose that would look awkward, occasionally ugly and sometimes funny.

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