Vote Your Faith

In a recent debate one of the candidates said that their faith did not affect the way that they lead, they had decided that they could remove what they believed from how they acted as a leader. I hope that this makes you confused. If you believe that something is true and good wouldn’t that make a difference on your decisions and actions? Regardless of where we are called to serve in our life, our faith in Jesus Christ should guide how we treat others. Martin Lutheran named those places of service, vocations. The places where God has called us to serve can range from being a friend, sibling, parent, contractor and yes, even a Vice President.

When we peek into the life of Jesus we see something amazing, not faith and actions but faith in action. Jesus was God but that didn’t mean that he sat himself on an earthly throne to wait to be worshiped, Jesus acted, he fed, he healed, he challenged, he lead; though he was truth, it wasn’t an abstract concept but was revealed by what He did in His day to day life.

I encourage you to vote, and to vote from your faith, that’s faith in action.

Prayer Requests:

Pray for President Obama and the other leaders of our country.

Pray for the election and for active citizens to get out and vote.

Six members of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod are also members of Congress. "Remember these men and women in your daily prayers," says President Matthew C. Harrison. "I encourage you to pray for them by name each week in your churches."

  • Congressman Larry Bucshon (RInd.)
  • Congressman Cory Gardner (RColo.)
  • Congresswoman Cynthia Lummis (RWyo.)
  • Congressman Erik Paulsen (RMinn.)
  • Congressman Dave Reichert (RWash.)
  • Congressman John Shimkus (RIll.)

Here’s a written prayer that may help you pray.

Lord God, as I pray for all who are in authority, I thank You especially for the form of government given us in our beloved country. Give me the grace with my fellow citizens to value the officers and the magistrates of our government as those sent by You. Instill in me that respect and honor that is due them. Lord, endow them with wisdom for their several duties, with a spirit of sacrifice for the common welfare, with mercy and justice, with uprightness and kindliness. Correct the evils of selfishness, greed, a vain desire for honor, or abuse of power among us as well as in the other governments of the world. Grant that the true purposes of government may prevail, safeguarding peace and prosperity, so that we may live soberly and uprightly in Your sight and have opportunity to tell of You and Your kingdom. These petitions I direct to You because in Jesus I know You as my Father and Lord. Amen.

(Lutheran Book of Prayer, Concordia Publishing House, 2005)

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