An Old Devotion I Wrote

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I find it amazing that within the all powerful Godhead there is still a sense of service to each other. There is no more power to be had, no more glory, nothing greater than God and yet the Son serves the Father and the Spirit serves the Son. The Spirit says only what comes from the Son and the Father. Isn’t this what turns our sorrow to joy? If we live our lives for ourselves we find ourselves alone. A life turned in on itself shuts out all others. God knows that we are made for service, to serve one another and yet have the power of God within us. Like a secret king who lives among his people serving them. God who dwells in our hearts sends us out into the world.
Jesus is putting His whole life on the line for His disciples and for the world. Jesus is following the will of His Father for the sake of children who have rejected that same Father. It is that kind of service that turns our sorrow to joy. For me the pain comes from not speaking what God has given me to say. There are many times that I don’t speak what God gives me. So many opportunities to share what God has done through Jesus and I don’t. I look at my life and see my service turning in on myself. I don’t live in the kind of service that even the Spriit lives in.
That is the kind of sorrow that Jesus can turn to joy. It is a sorrow the turns to confession in the face of a God who was willing to serve me, the king in the midst of my world. It is His life that gives new life, new hope. It is His forgiveness that creates a joy shaped by His service to me and my service to others.


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  1. Amen! šŸ™‚

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