Ever seen one of those scary movies where an unknown person watches from the shadows. They watch the hapless hero who is unaware that their words and actions are being captured by that unseen presence. Do you think of God like this, unseen, scary and removed to the shadows but watching your every move?

Have you heard about car companies that are putting GPS devices in cars to capture your driving speeds and actions? Can you imagine wearing something like that everyday to record your actions and words! They want to see your every move so you can either have cheaper or more expensive insurance. They are watching for you to make a mistake. That’s not how God works. God doesn’t sit outside and wait to judge you, if you believe in Jesus Christ you have invited Jesus into your life and into you. God is with you, not watching from the shadows. God is not waiting to punish or pounce on you, He’s rejoicing in your victories, sad in your defeat, ready to bandage your heart-wounds with forgiveness and lead you into the next day. God’s strength to you today! – Pastor Shawn Inline image 1

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