We Live the Lie, Broken and Lost

Rev. Dr. Robert Newton

We Live the Lie, Broken and Lost 

Rev. Dr. Robert Newton




And they heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and the man and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God among the trees of the garden. (Genesis 3:8)

Biblically speaking, to love the Lord is to know the Lord; to know the Lord is to love Him.  We often read in the Old Testament that a man knew his wife and she gave birth to a child.  Knowing someone that intimately exists only in the bonds of Godly love.

Years ago I was teaching a group of lay leaders in the Philippines about the Biblical understanding of a man “knowing” his wife.  During supper some of the guys gathered around the senior leader of the group and asked him a question, “Ama (father) how well do you know your wife?” Having been married some forty years to her he answered, “As well as it is possible.”

In the spirit of good fun, they plied him with questions such as, “Ama, how many teeth does she have?”  “Ama, how many bones are in her body?”  “Ama, how many hairs are on the top of her head?”

To each question he answered, “I don’t know.”

Jokingly they concluded, “Ama, you do not know Ina (mother) very well at all.”

“Oh, I know her very well,” he responded.  “I know what makes her laugh.  I know what makes her cry.  I know the sound of her feet on the garden path.  I know her.”

Adam and Eve knew God that well until the day they chose to listen to Satan’s lie and doubt God’s love.  After they ate the fruit they “heard the sound of the Lord’s feet on the garden path” but no longer knew Him.  The sound of God’s footsteps didn’t fill them with love; it filled them with fear.  Their relationship with God was broken.  It caused them to run away and hide from Him.  We’ve been running from God ever since.  Adam and Eve also found that they had to hide from each other.  They made aprons of fig leaves to hide their nakedness and shame from each other.  We’ve been wearing emotional aprons of one size or another ever since.

In no time, the brokenness of sin showed its ugly head.  When asked by God whether or not he had eaten the forbidden fruit, Adam retorted, “The woman whom you gave to be with me, she gave me fruit of the tree and I ate.”  “It’s her fault, not mine.”  From that moment on it was every man or woman for himself.

While Adam and Eve’s hearts had changed toward God and toward each other, God’s heart had not. He loved them just as much now as before they sinned.  It was His love that caused Him to come looking for them in the garden that day.  God became the seeker that day.  He donned missionary garb and waded into the quagmire of our sin-filled world.  With these simple words, “Where are you, Adam,” He began His work of seeking and saving the lost.  From these words to the end of Revelation the Scriptures tell the story of a missionary God who persists in coming to his sworn enemies in order to restore them to Himself and by so doing restore them to their divine image and divine vocation to serve the world.   Here we get a real glimpse into the heart of God.  Finding those who are broken and lost matters most to Him.

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