Sink your roots in Him… (Colossians 2:7)

What an awesome picture! It makes me think of the Aspen groves I grew up with as a kid. Aspen trees are not individual trees but have a shared root system. It’s one of the reasons that the trees turn a majestic gold at the same time. What a beautiful sight! The root system of the aspen is the largest in the tree family with the largest grove over 200 acres!

Sink your roots in Jesus brings to mind that picture. I don’t picture a solitary plant with a single root system but a unique plant “tapping into” this expansive and strong root system that forms the “body” of the whole. The result is strengthen and thanksgiving which overflows.

Don’t go through life with the thieve’s faith. The thief believed in Jesus on the cross, it was a simple trust in the person hanging next to him that Jesus could save him from eternal separation from God. Thank God that He saves even then but we are called to maturity, to deepen our roots and grow in our faith, to expand our understanding of God and overflow with thanksgiving because of it.

One other side to this though is that if we are all roots we won’t be rooted, we’ll be rotted. Without that visible side of our faith. The faith that is lived out in the response of love to God and in the ministry of love to our neighbor our roots will rot. Roots give a stability that begs for growth, growth is what they live for and sending up a shoot or a trunk is their purpose. Be rooted in Jesus Christ not rotted by resisting that visible growth.

image used by permission from David C. Schultz, see more great pictures

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