From Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus by God’s will, and from our brother Timothy. Colossian 1:1

Knowing who God has called you to be will make a difference in the world. Can you label yourself from God’s point of view? That is a lifelong battle to know who you are in God’s eyes and act on it because God has given everything to make that identity true.

It cost God His own Son, Jesus, to change who I am. Without Him I am doomed to serve the never ending needs wheel my selfish desires create, never to find satisfaction or peace or accomplishment. Without Him I am doomed to crush or divide myself from every person place in my life because my sin and ego get in the way of forgiveness and leadership.

God lead first through the leadership of His Son. Who went to the cross never breaking under the suffering and pain to ask for mercy from those who sinfully tortured and killed Him. Jesus asked for mercy for them and accomplished by His death for the penalty that my sin created to be forgiveness for us.

Paul didn’t just know he was an apostle, he lived it. He was a “sent out one” who lived at the edge of Christianity among people who knew nothing of Jesus. Paul’s letters as an apostle for Jesus to his friends along changed the world. When we live our God-given identity the world changes.

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