Heaven, Contextually Speaking

“…they are like angels in heaven.”  Matthew 22:30 (last sentence only)


Angel? Heaven?


How many false pictures and false teachings have come from taking one verse out of context.  Perhaps we have even been hurt by the words of others because we didn’t know the context.  Context is king!  I remember one of my teachers emphasizing that over and over again.  In Matthew 22 Jesus is making a comparison on one point between us and the angels – that they don’t marry in heaven.  Yet we have had years of cartoons conveying a picture of heaven for us as being a boring cloud sitting, harp playing doldrum.

That is not the heaven I read in the Bible!  Here’s just a few snapshots:

  • It will be a lot like Earth but remade.
  • Worship will be amazing with music, instruments and the object of our worship before us.
  • Animals and all creation will be part of the remaking of all things in heaven.
  • We will recognize people in heaven – races, genders (to some extent) and even personally identifiable traits will exist (resurrection of the body)
  • God will continue to provide for us.  We give thanks for all the ways God takes care of us and gives us our callings in this life, there is no reason whatsoever to expect that suddenly God would stop both his provision and our unique callings in heaven.  We will have lots to do and it will be exciting, personally fulfilling and have an impact on the community.

I’d like to say more but perhaps that is for another blog.  I’d like to know what you think…comment please.

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