Ask Yourself Why Do You Ask


Jesus is considered by scholars such as Weber ...


Always questions, it must have felt like a constant barrage of questions aimed at Jesus.  A question and even it’s content do not reveal the wisdom of the one asking.  Questions aimed at Jesus were often means to a determined end.  I have found that questions often result in answers to which no one listens.  The question serve a different purpose.

When Jesus was asked for the source of His power He asked a question first – “The baptism of John, was it from God or man?”  The deliberation of the inquisitor gave all the insight needed to the question, if the answer was God then why not believe in the person that the same John called the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.  If the answer is “from man” then the crowds will turn on me because of their opinion of John.  The fact that they can’t answer the question they made it clear that no matter what Jesus says the answer made no difference.

Pause Button

It would be nice to have a pause button so that when you are asked a question or before asking a question you can take a moment and think through things.  Personally I’d use the pause button far too often in order to take time considering why I was asking a question or why I’m afraid of how the person will accept the answer or why I’m trying to answer the question in a way that will not be offensive.  Those truths often reveal so much more than the question or answer could ever reveal.  I suffer from crowd-anxiety just like the inquisitors in the story from the reading today but people pleasing is not a Gospel trait.  Sin pleases because if makes things easy, delays any requirements on my time and energy and wants to keep me happy until I’m enslaved to it; but truth, even when unpopular and even when not spoken perfectly “in love,” is better than saying as they did, “we don’t know.”  Nothing accomplished, what a waste!  When such truth and the Man of Truth stands before you.  Fear God rather than man.   Pause…then ask.

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