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In Name

If “hate the sin” is applied to the LCMS, “love the sinner” would be ELCA but neither do it right.  A message that “you’re OK, I’m OK” and  “embrace who you are” denies that there is anything essentially wrong with you in fact it says that at your essence minus all the stuff added by parents and false doctrine and education you are a perfectly fine human being – that’s not love, it’s not truth.  At the core you are an aimless, lost, God hating, dead sinner.  Love challenges and grows it doesn’t coddle and leave you in your filth.  Love is more than picking a few pet sins and commanding a few good works.

Hate is more than picking out the worst and excluding them from the rest.  Hate is more than just taking a stand, publishing a press release and preaching the message from the pulpit.  Hate is not a bad word when evenly applied – all sin is hated, all have the same remedy, hate turned towards Christ on the cross not the sinner.  Hate alone excuses laziness, it leads to self-righteousness and away from loving neighbor.  It closes doors and isolates inside.

If you believe that you are justified before God by the free gift of Christ you shouldn’t assume that you are justified before man.  In fact that’s the point, God frees you from concern over getting things right with God so that you can work on loving, serving, being justified before your neighbor.   If you approach this without the urgency of a sinful world you wade into a pool of political correctness and wishy washy sentimentality, if you approach this with no need for neighborly justification you end up asking your neighbor to wash your feet.

sola nomine

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