50% is a failing grade

Truth and Love

Speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in every way into him who is the head, into Christ.  Ephesians 4:15

Speaking the truth, I’m sure you’ve had your fill.  Media is full of it and it’s excuse, “I’m just telling the truth.”  There is no accountability, no concern for the other, if you are saying the truth that’s all that matters.  Truth then becomes a selective process of finding the most hurtful and damaging information and using it to put down, disheartened, or control the other.  There is plenty of that kind of truth around and I don’t find it at the crossroads of truth and love.

There plenty of love to go around too, empty, self-centered, self-fulfilling kind of love that is poured out to get what you want.  Love is masked behind inclusivity, behind political expediency, hidden within a bland toothless, truthless worldview.  In the name of love we accept everyone regardless of what they do, how they live, or what they believe – there is no truth to be found.  If we have one but not the other we have only 50%, still a failing grade.

At the crossroads of truth and love I don’t find either of these.  I find the cross holding them up.  A cross that says, you are broken and your brokeness put Jesus here.  The truth is no one is without sin, everyone is separated from God and everyone needs to find truth at the cross.  The love is from a God who would give up everything except the truth to be one of us and both love and truth lead Jesus to the cross to deal with our total absence of both.

At the crossroads I am loved but I am also truthed – loved to lived in the truth.  I am broken but I am more at the cross, I am loved.  That kind of truth should change my truth-speaking to others.  Broken and loved I speak differently, still speaking the truthfully all-important truth in love at the crossroads of the cross.  I don’t seek to love or be loved without the truth but I also don’t hurt with the truth because I have no love.  I speak through the cross never forgetting who I am and what people need to hear, some who will, “speak the truth in love we are to grow up in every way into him who is the head, in Christ.”

Readings for September 5

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