You da man!

Shoestring catch, clutch three-pointer, OT slapshot, that’s the timing of “You da man!”  Praised, yelled, backslapped to the victor.  You da man is not a derisive, yelled, slap in the face.   Except for David, caught in his own words, caught up in the story of David, caught in his own judgment against himself.

Nathan spoke to David’s heart and then exploded it until “forgive” was the only mending words to remedy.

No! You the Man by Brown Bag Detroit

“I am a poor, sinful being,” is still said when Lutherans worship.  Perhaps that slips from the tongue too easily.  Perhaps we are too busy thinking of what’s next, pondering other things, staying in the world while leaving these words behind to recognize their sting and sense the slap in the face that brings us back to reality leaving us only one place to turn.  The hand that leads to the face of God, scarred and nail driven, is also the face that David stared into, “I have sinned against the Lord,”  Our face turned in faith to the one face that forgives speaks the only remedy that mends a heart broken by the words, “you are the man, a poor and sinful being, you are forgiven.”

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