God Sent What?

Now the Spirit of the LORD departed from Saul, and a harmful spirit from the LORD tormented him.  1 Samuel 16:14

He Qi - David and Saul

God sent a harmful spirit on Saul?  That’s horrible.  Isn’t it God = good stuff; Devil = bad stuff?  Those are poorly formed boxes apparently.

God has eternal goals for us and that may mean He uses many different kinds of tools with that in mind.  Saul had certainly put himself outside of God’s will and that’s a dangerous place.  However I think it is more important to trust that God has our best in mind through whatever happens, good or bad, whether from God or allowed from Satan.

Is bad stuff always sin related?  That’s the real sticky question.  I say no, only because we are so ill equipped at deciding what is best for us.  Most people avoid pain, seek pleasure and find the easiest way to accomplish what they want.  Not a single person would die for the sake of sharing the Gospel with those goals in mind.  No one would go through the discomfort of sharing their faith at all.  Painless life is the quick road to death.

Saul could have acknowledged that he was no longer God’s chosen.  God had worked it out that David would be there in the palace, learn about what he was to become and prepare for the change in leadership.  But Saul who had a source of comfort and an opportunity to mentor David instead vacillated between seeing David as a threat and taking the small comfort David could give through his music.  Without Saul’s pain David would not have been in the palace.  Without pain, like unfeeling nerves, we could injure or destroy ourselves.  As blindly as we walk, pain shows where we’ve run into something that requires our attention.

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