Sojourner I

Sojourner Way - Jane Chukas

I am a sojourner on the earth; hide not your commandments from me!   Psalm 119:19

I am a sojourner, ever since the first man rejected a relationship with God, tripping his way out of the place God made for him, I and all the world with me became sojourners.  A long hard thinking on that word would do a world of good.  (Go ahead, “I am a sojourner” … )

The only worry for the writer of this Psalm is that God gives guidance.  In the wanderings of the here and now please let there be God’s signposts in how I am to live in relationship with God and the people who are sojourning around me.

“The sign that you love God is this:  that you love your fellow man; and if you hate your fellow man, your hatred is towards God.”   and “Do not keep anger in your heart; do not hold fury in your soul.  You have no power over your soul, except to do that which is good.  You have been bought with the blood of God; you are redeemed by the Passion of Christ.  For your sake He suffered death, that you might die to your sins.”  and “If you are truly His disciple, walk in your Master’s footsteps.”  Ephraim Syrus

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