Got milk, Jael?

Readings for July 9th

Judges 4

“Got milk, Jael?” Sisera asked.

“Sure, Sisera, would you like it spiked?” Jael replied with a sparkle in her eye.

Of course that’s not how it really happened but milk was his undoing, putting him to sleep for the killing blow from Jael.  It could have been Barak’s victory if he had just trusted the call from God through Deborah.  Instead of going to battle confident he brought his confidence with him by inviting Deborah to lead with him.  Though he would win he wouldn’t garner the greatest glory by killing their general Sisera, that would be Jael’s prize.

Here’s a picture of Jael just before dealing the final blow to Sisera (I added the “got milk” mustache).

Got milk, Jael?

If God says we can do it, we can.  Barak didn’t recognize that God was going before him and the victory was sure.  Jesus commanded “Go into all nations baptizing and teaching” and promised “I am with you always” in the same breath.  What greater confidence could you have when doing what Jesus asked?

By the way if you want to teach Jael and Sisera to your kids here’s a link to the Sunday school lesson for it!  Can you believe it?  Little Lambs Ministry

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