Readings for Tuesday – Easter4

nowhere to lay His head

Luke 9:37-62

I can’t imagine how Jesus continued to put up with His disciples, I’m not saying that because I think I would have done any better.  First He finds out that His disciples fail to cast out a demon.  Jesus says “faithless and twisted generation” how long do I have to put up with you!?  Then Jesus opens up about the pain that is ahead of them on the cross and they won’t ask Him about it.  Then they fight over who is the greatest!  The greatest what?  What exploits did they have to argue over!  Honestly they have two strikes against them in two paragraphs.  Finally in this reading they try to keep “the power” to themselves when they try to stop someone else from doing what they could not, namely, casting out demons.  How did Jesus put up with them?

Following Jesus took a lot of guts.  Carrying a cross didn’t start after Calvary.  You can see the people coming to Jesus at the end of this reading.  People who had  walked to find him, considered the possibility of following Him and finally walking up to him only then to spout out excuses “let me bury” “let me say farewell.”  They knew the cost but didn’t want to pay it, instead they made up excuses, looking for a way out.  Following Jesus costs our lives, pony up or take a hike.

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