Readings for the Wednesday after Easter

God’s Salad – Hebrews 10

This passage reminds me of salad because it uses “let us.”

First piece of “let us.” (v.22) Faith’s object is Jesus Christ.  Trusting in the fact that Jesus died for you means God forgets all that has gone wrong in your life before faith.

Second piece of “let us.” (v. 23) Starting in faith is only that, a start.  Holding fast sounds like a climber recognizing her lifeline, seeing that rope as the only safe place.  That is a strong, sturdy, trustworthy rope; the descriptive word used here is faithful, I like that picture.  God takes a chance on saving us in Jesus Christ, it’s a gift a lifeline freely given.  The lifeline won’t break, won’t be cut, won’t lead us to the wrong place.  In a way God has faith in us, He give us great power and reveals the life that we were created to live, God expects faith in Him in return.

Third piece of “let us.” (v. 24) Founded in faith, holding fast to speaking the truth, we encourage.  “Consider how to stir up one another to love and good works.”  Love and goods works are nearly interchangeable, love is less the emotion than the action, the doing that goes along with speaking the truth.  Consider how you do this, how do you stir up others to good works?  Interestingly this is tied to the coming together in worship, encouragement is not a solo activity.

This says something to me about worship.  I strongly believe that worship is not mainly about what we do but what God gives.  God gives His Word, Jesus gives His body and blood, the Holy Spirit gives himself in baptism.  However the response to this in the worship should have something to do with stirring up good works.  God’s action of course is the example of that, God’s good is how we do good.  Too often I find that God’s good is taken, said thank you for and doesn’t result in actions of response.  That is sad.  How do you “stir up” others with these kinds of “let us” in mind.  I still have a lot to learn.

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