Readings for February 12th

I wonder why the editors of the Treasury chose to include readings from the friends of Job.  Unless you know the context of Job you wouldn’t know that their advice isn’t always good.  You would never base a doctrine or teaching on their words so I think it was a risky choice to include them.  Hopefully people pick up in the interaction between Job and his friends that they can be offbase.

That said Bildad’s words, “Such are the paths of all who forget God; the hope of the godless shall perish.  His confidence is severed, and his trust is a spider’s web.  He leans against his house, but it does not stand; he lays hold of it, but it does not endure.”  Job 8:13-15

These words reminded me, not in Pat Robertson way, about the pain and struggles of the people in Haiti.  Certainly no one could picture the massive destruction that would follow that earthquake.

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  1. I had some similar thoughts regarding the friends of Job. At our daily Matins Service I took a moment to explain to the people about Job’s friends. The advice given on Friday is basically do good and God will bless you do bad and God will curse you. Classic theology of glory.

    • I think it was a risk to include them, it may suggest that the target audience for the Treasury is the pastor and teacher. Sounds like you navigated this one well.

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