Readings for January 11th

How fragile we are.  Some in science would lead us to believe that there is something eternal, matter.  Considering it’s longevity matter also seems pretty fragile.  Nothing lasts, things fall apart and wear out.  Apparently matter is so fragile that after 100 years of industrialization we have manage to dismantle the global environmental balance.  It’s possible I guess but how fragile would it have to be to survive the purported millions of years before our speck of existence until now.

I come to the same conclusion, we are fragile, however this stuff, this matter is not eternal.  “None is righteous, no, not one” (Romans 3) reminds me that not only am I in a dangerous condition, everyone is.  Everyone wants to be right/eous but everyone works within a broken, fragile, dismantled system.  Only something from the outside could make a difference, could be truly right, for this world.  God, who created matter, who created us, comes from the outside revealing His actions through God’s Word.  This God also makes us whole again, truly eternal, by the death  and return to life by Jesus Christ.

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