Readings for January 4th

“Your law is within my heart” – this is now a promise for all people (Romans 2:15, Hebrews 8:10, 10:16).   Although this is true the law doesn’t make the world a better place.  This law apart from faith just says, “this is wrong.”   And from what I can of the world that stops very few people, some are even proud of doing wrong.  The best our world can do is some lowest common denominator of social contract where we can just barely live together.

I would hope that I would never get so far away from God that I would experience “Lord, why do you make us wander from your ways and harden our heart.”  Only faith in Jesus Christ can move beyond “this is wrong” to Jesus is truth and that the Good is found in no one else.

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  1. Christianity is truly unique! Every religion that I know of is based on following the law. You must do this you can’t do that. Christianity is the only religion (at least that I know of) where God came down and became one of us. He fulfilled all of the law for us and then took our punishment. He also gives us His Holy Spirit to give us the desire to do what God wants us to do. Praise God for the gift of His Son! Truly Good News indeed! 🙂

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